Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ECO WETSUIT? Revolutionizing Wetsuits with Geoprene Technology

At DesignerEco we like to blog about green issues and designer interiors,  today we are expanding our eco friendly lifestyle topic to include watersports! Sunny San Diego is an ideal location for active adults balancing work and life. It's easy to enjoy your time off with all the activities San Diego has to offer; beach, museums, eclectic neighborhoods, restaurants, yoga, hiking, biking, and surfing! Although the sun seems to always be shining, let's face it, the water is cold, especially in prime surfing season - winter. Come November, wetsuits are a must, and that's why you've got to know about Matuse.

San Diego native wetsuit, apparel and accessories retailer Matuse, above all else puts innovation, compassion, and the environment at the forefront of it's practices. Emphasizing art and function, Matuse has committed to making better wetsuits - made from limestone, not petroleum. Where oil is depleting, limestone is a nonhazardous, sustainable resource. This suit is more flexible, comfortable, insulating and durable, keeping it out of the landfill - another reason why DesignerEco loves Matuse!
We love these sustainably stylish wetsuits, and the models aren't bad looking either! 
Full wetsuits range from $349-$589.  Spring suits range from $179-$279.

Sold through 10 locations in San Diego, and dozens more around the country, it's easy to find the perfect suit for you and your loved ones, allowing you to stay active and warm this winter.