Tuesday, 25 September 2012


U Beauty has done what DesignerEco loves best. Taken an old unwanted material, and made something not only useful for Life round 2, but made something stylish and downright desirable.

These Pots are just awesome and would fabulous in gardens, yards and patios around the world. Sadly this is an Australian company so we just have to hope they set up their operations over in the USA.

The big question is how safe are tires to use and how do we recycle them after?

The UBeauty recycled tire pot is made using a segment of the tyre (roughly a third).
The tires contain so many different compounds and ingredients because they are expected to handle heat and cold, high speed, abrasive conditions, and often not enough air pressure. They are expected to run for thousands of miles and retain their essential properties even on poorly maintained roads.

Because of the composition tires can last hundreds of years.  Tires which have been pressure molded are in a very stable form and do not decompose. Which means finding a second life for them is ideal.

Better still - not they are no longer toxic. A report called the Evans report measured the toxicity of the old tires and the reports showed no toxicity. The authors concluded that the danger of chemicals leaching out of tires into soil is minimal. The chemicals that could be dangerous to soil contamination are the solvents used to make the tires and they have mostly disappeared by the time the tire is worn out. So an old tire is considerably more safe for the environment than a new one!

Get those gardening gloves on, my succulents would look fabulous in some of these pots.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Eco Ottomans- Pebbles

Pebble furniture was a foreign word to me until last week, when L.A. designer Eva Sobesky introduced me to her new lines of eco-friendly seating called “Pebbles.” Since then, I have noticed that pebble furniture is popping up everywhere in the industry: in homes, offices, hotels, and even airports. Friends, it seems pebbles are not just for skipping these days.

Made from organic materials like plywood, cast stone, fiberglass, and fabric, this “Pebbles” epic seating sculpture is a cool combo of modern art and functional design. Mix the four different material types to create a dynamic interior or playful outdoor space. Yes, that’s right. They can be used wherever your heart desires, as casual indoor lounge seating or outside by the pool. With four size options and three color choices: orange, green, and white, the possibilities are endless. Check out the Pebbles brochure online.

But wait, there’s another company with a pebble design idea. Imagine jumping into a massive pile of coastal ocean pebbles, and you got the idea. Always eco responsible, French company SMARIN Livingstones edition makes pebbles as practical floor cushions, perfect for lounging. Made of 100% wool, the pebbles range of size is enormous, from a soft head rest to a small sofa.

And alas, Moroso60Fjord collection of modular pebbles is a colorful array of contemporary seating. These are great for public and private interiors. Although not made from eco-friendly materials, they are Italian and super stylish, therefore they must be considered. So check these out and let us know what you think. From Emily at Designereco.

Monday, 17 September 2012

“Best Green Handbag” of 2012 - Eco Chic Handbags

Stylish and eco friendly-  that is what keeps DesignerEco interested. Kempton & Co. bags have managed to combine both without compromise in the new Wiltshire Tote.

With practical functions like an inbuilt protective sleeve for laptops the Kempton & Co. Bags have  been adopted by models to keep their portfolios flat and coveted by moms looking for a modern alternative to the traditional diaper bag.  They could even work as hand luggage on your next glamour packed trip - (watch those airmiles though ;).

Of all the designs (some particularly classy) we particularly love this “Wiltshire” tote which combines recycled jute with gold hardware to present the perfect marriage of ruggedness and femininity. All leather parts are made from scraps of lambskin used for other apparel and bags, and the lining is a natural calico.

Designed by English designer Fiona Kempton.  Feel good about your next handbag purchase -to shop click here. Prices range from $238 to $495.  A sound investment for a good quality durable, neutral and ultimately classic tote.