Tuesday, 25 September 2012


U Beauty has done what DesignerEco loves best. Taken an old unwanted material, and made something not only useful for Life round 2, but made something stylish and downright desirable.

These Pots are just awesome and would fabulous in gardens, yards and patios around the world. Sadly this is an Australian company so we just have to hope they set up their operations over in the USA.

The big question is how safe are tires to use and how do we recycle them after?

The UBeauty recycled tire pot is made using a segment of the tyre (roughly a third).
The tires contain so many different compounds and ingredients because they are expected to handle heat and cold, high speed, abrasive conditions, and often not enough air pressure. They are expected to run for thousands of miles and retain their essential properties even on poorly maintained roads.

Because of the composition tires can last hundreds of years.  Tires which have been pressure molded are in a very stable form and do not decompose. Which means finding a second life for them is ideal.

Better still - not they are no longer toxic. A report called the Evans report measured the toxicity of the old tires and the reports showed no toxicity. The authors concluded that the danger of chemicals leaching out of tires into soil is minimal. The chemicals that could be dangerous to soil contamination are the solvents used to make the tires and they have mostly disappeared by the time the tire is worn out. So an old tire is considerably more safe for the environment than a new one!

Get those gardening gloves on, my succulents would look fabulous in some of these pots.

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