Monday, 17 September 2012

“Best Green Handbag” of 2012 - Eco Chic Handbags

Stylish and eco friendly-  that is what keeps DesignerEco interested. Kempton & Co. bags have managed to combine both without compromise in the new Wiltshire Tote.

With practical functions like an inbuilt protective sleeve for laptops the Kempton & Co. Bags have  been adopted by models to keep their portfolios flat and coveted by moms looking for a modern alternative to the traditional diaper bag.  They could even work as hand luggage on your next glamour packed trip - (watch those airmiles though ;).

Of all the designs (some particularly classy) we particularly love this “Wiltshire” tote which combines recycled jute with gold hardware to present the perfect marriage of ruggedness and femininity. All leather parts are made from scraps of lambskin used for other apparel and bags, and the lining is a natural calico.

Designed by English designer Fiona Kempton.  Feel good about your next handbag purchase -to shop click here. Prices range from $238 to $495.  A sound investment for a good quality durable, neutral and ultimately classic tote.

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