Friday, 21 September 2012

Eco Ottomans- Pebbles

Pebble furniture was a foreign word to me until last week, when L.A. designer Eva Sobesky introduced me to her new lines of eco-friendly seating called “Pebbles.” Since then, I have noticed that pebble furniture is popping up everywhere in the industry: in homes, offices, hotels, and even airports. Friends, it seems pebbles are not just for skipping these days.

Made from organic materials like plywood, cast stone, fiberglass, and fabric, this “Pebbles” epic seating sculpture is a cool combo of modern art and functional design. Mix the four different material types to create a dynamic interior or playful outdoor space. Yes, that’s right. They can be used wherever your heart desires, as casual indoor lounge seating or outside by the pool. With four size options and three color choices: orange, green, and white, the possibilities are endless. Check out the Pebbles brochure online.

But wait, there’s another company with a pebble design idea. Imagine jumping into a massive pile of coastal ocean pebbles, and you got the idea. Always eco responsible, French company SMARIN Livingstones edition makes pebbles as practical floor cushions, perfect for lounging. Made of 100% wool, the pebbles range of size is enormous, from a soft head rest to a small sofa.

And alas, Moroso60Fjord collection of modular pebbles is a colorful array of contemporary seating. These are great for public and private interiors. Although not made from eco-friendly materials, they are Italian and super stylish, therefore they must be considered. So check these out and let us know what you think. From Emily at Designereco.

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