Friday, 27 January 2012


I came across this wallpaper range yesterday and thought I ought to share for all those home decorators and LEED consultants.

Eco Chic is printed on paper from sustainable forests--forests managed to maintain their regeneration capacity and not cause damage to other ecosystems.

All of the patterns are printed with water-based, non-toxic inks that ensure a healthy indoor living environment as well as a biodegradable future that leaves no footprint.    

The tonal hues and muted pastels, mixed with creams and grays, convey a feeling of tranquility.

Through the artistic use of supplementary color, the direction can easily be transformed into urbane chic. The sensation turns from reflective to metro-natural by incorporating darker, sophisticated tones such as; matte black, espresso, mocha brown, deep greens, verdant teals, burnt oranges and earthy reds. 

Wood Grain

Birch Trees

Over & Above Design - Interior design services in San Diego. Over & Above offers a range of eco friendly fabrics and wallpapers. Contact Anna Sayer for more information.

Friday, 20 January 2012


Green building expert Alex Wilson shares his top industry product picks for 2012 - see below. Alex is the founder of Environmental Building News and winner of the 2010 Hanley Award,

--TimberSIL, the sodium-silicate-treated wood that is an alternative to conventional ACQ-, copper-azole-, and CCA-treated wood. The material is becoming available in other products, such as residential siding. As a decking product, it meets California's new requirements for fire resistance.
--Mini-split, air-source heat pumps. With the cost of photovoltaic modules dropping, the ability to create all-electric, net-zero-energy homes is much more feasible. But creating highly efficient building envelopes, it is often possible to power a house (heating, cooling, electric loads) solely with rooftop PV. The dramatic improvements in air-source heat pumps make heating and cooling these homes more feasible--at a lower cost than with ground-source heat pumps. Leading manufacturers include Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, and Fujitsu.
--The Philips Endura LED replacement for incandescent lamps. The Endura is one of a new generation of LEDs using remote phosphor technology that offers great performance and is helping usher in this new chapter in lighting.

For more visit: Custom Home

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Whilst  working on a nursery for a client currently and I set about searching for some  eco friendly wallpaper. I thought I would share some findings from Europe....

Babies, with their tiny, developing systems, are especially vulnerable to toxins in the air and on surfaces they touch with their delicate skin.  In order to avoid these poisonous substances, it is important to decorate a baby’s nursery with eco friendly products.

Designed and hand printed in the UK, Birdie tree deluxe eco wallpaper is absolutely stunning.

Dinosaurs rock deluxe eco wallpaper is from the same company as the Birdie tree.

The deluxe wallpaper collections are from a high-end wallpaper range printed with incredible detail onto the finest quality, super strong, heavy weight wallpaper.

The design is printed with eco friendly non-toxic water-based inks on 225gsm heavy paper made from sustainably sourced materials. The wallpaper is wipeable and colour fast for 125 years and is fully fire retardant.

Its bold design is perfect for a kids bedroom of all ages.

These lion and Emu wallpaper silhouettes are handcrafted from real vintage wallpaper by Dutch designer Inke Heiland.

The silhouettes are produced by hand in Inke's workshop or at the sheltered workshop DZB in her home town Leiden.

There are so many fun ways to decorate a children's bedroom and it doesn't even have to be fixed to the wall. Next article will feature wall art! Contact Anna for more information ( or if you want any supplier details for these wallpapers.