Friday, 27 January 2012


I came across this wallpaper range yesterday and thought I ought to share for all those home decorators and LEED consultants.

Eco Chic is printed on paper from sustainable forests--forests managed to maintain their regeneration capacity and not cause damage to other ecosystems.

All of the patterns are printed with water-based, non-toxic inks that ensure a healthy indoor living environment as well as a biodegradable future that leaves no footprint.    

The tonal hues and muted pastels, mixed with creams and grays, convey a feeling of tranquility.

Through the artistic use of supplementary color, the direction can easily be transformed into urbane chic. The sensation turns from reflective to metro-natural by incorporating darker, sophisticated tones such as; matte black, espresso, mocha brown, deep greens, verdant teals, burnt oranges and earthy reds. 

Wood Grain

Birch Trees

Over & Above Design - Interior design services in San Diego. Over & Above offers a range of eco friendly fabrics and wallpapers. Contact Anna Sayer for more information.

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