Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Folk Fibers was created by Maura Grace Ambrose and we love the vibrant color collection she has created!

Maura uses natural dyes and then hand quilts and patchworks  the dyed fabrics with other fabrics, both vintage & new.

She only uses 100% natural fibers; they feel better and live longer.

With a focus on "substantive dyes" also know as direct dyes, such as Indigo, Cochineal, Walnut Hulls, and Onion Skins.  Maura favors substantive dyes because color fast fabrics are achieved without the aid of chemical additives, known as a mordants.  Without the need for mordants the dying process becomes simplified and enjoyable, as well as kind to the environment.

The natural dyes are organically grown, harvested, and foraged for around Austin, Texas and all is made locally.   She even did a special project recycling Levi's jeans and Dockers pants; as well as other new, vintage and hand-dyed natural fabrics.

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