Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beatifully Crafted Eco Bathrooms - so hard to find!

Native Trails combines sustainability, artistry and modern design to create beautiful kitchen and bath products. Their sinks, basins, tubs and vanities are handcrafted from natural resources of reclaimed wood and copper, which actually contains capabilities that kill harmful bacteria. What could be better than a household product that does your cleaning for you?

To create the beautifully crafted designs, talented artists use a traditional method that requires 30,000 thoughtful hammer strikes to transform a reclaimed piece of copper into a practical and stunning work of art. The patience and precision of the artists is beautifully illustrated in its final state.

We love that Native Trails values creating unique kitchen and bath products from sustainable materials. No doubt, their designs are absolutely breathtaking. We admire their passion for the environment and believe their products are truly inspiring, transforming living spaces through eco innovations and contemporary design

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