Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New California Fire Retardant Standard

Good News! Previously California manufacturers had to adhere to California Technical Bulletin 117, in order to comply with this manufacturers had to use a series of horrible highly toxic chemicals in the foams to ensure they were flameproof. Now, there is a new standard out which is centred around a new smolder test and uses far less chemicals than the previous standard necessitated.

These toxic chemicals contaminate our bodies - and the bodies of our children. Flame retardants have been linked to lower IQ in children, impaired fertility and increased cancer risk. And they don't even prevent fires effectively. In furniture, they can actually make fires more deadly by releasing even more smoke and toxic gases.

The new fire retardant standard is effective 2014 so make sure you check when you purchase your sofa. 

DesignerEco only works with eco friendly manufacturers. If you are looking for a healthy custom built sofa, send us a picture of one you like, specify the fabric or let us know if you want some inspiration, the dimensions and we will get a quote to you within 24 hours.

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