Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Eco approved wood sealant

Natural Furniture Finish
The search for a wood sealant is over.

Vermont Natural Coating is getting it right. The company was founded by a Vermont native who attended UVM and collaborated with UVM chemist to create a superior product. The company is located in Vermont, utilizes excess whey from Vermont's agriculture and employs locally.

Here's what they say about their products. "By using recycled whey protein we eliminate the need for heavy metal driers and displace both the toxic co-binders and carcinogenic solvents typically found in wood finish. Whey is a natural byproduct of cheese-making, a traditional strength of Vermont agriculture. Excess whey can end up on fields and in streams. To help keep our farms and waterways clear of excess whey, our goal is to reuse as much of this byproduct as possible in durable, safe coatings for your home."

The woman who answered their phone when I called told me she used the product on the wood floor in her bathroom and after 3 years she still does not have any water damage.  

Vermont Natural Coating can be found locally in San Diego at Rockler.

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