Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Studio Renier Winkelaar’s Convertible Wooden Windmill Table

Furniture that lasts.

Furniture that is constructed entirely without nails or screws!

Inspired by the lasting design of traditional Dutch windmills,  Renier Winkelaar designed an adjustable table that is held together with windmill-style gears.  Not only practical but it looks sensational.

Renier comments: 'With this concept I have designed a table named “craft 2.0”. In the design I had two rules of thumb. I wanted to use only one material and no modern techniques like for example screws. The table of 230 – 270 cm is made of oak and is only to put together by old connections. To slide out the table I have used gears and tooth hills. These gears operate by some kind of a ratchet, made from oak wood. And finally, the table looks really very cool!'

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