Monday, 20 February 2012


This hotel is fabulous! Hi is a design and ecological hotel providing a fully contemporary experience.
HI is also concerned about well being and boasts a strong commitment to ecological values. Below are the measures they have employed to help reduce their impact...

_mineral organic paint on the hotel’s façade
_Organic restaurant, exclusive use of organic products for the breakfast and the restaurant
_Use of recycled paper in the administration
_Graphic materials for external and internal use printed without chlorinate chemicals with the label tcf
_Packaging of the boxes and usable materials of the restaurant made out of recycled materials
_Vegetal shampoo and shower gel available in the rooms without packaging
_Waste separation // sorting of recyclables
_Bicycles available in front of the hotel
_Essential oils scent diffused in all communal spaces
_Staff t-shirt made out in organic cotton
_Partnership with a fashion company named Miséricordia, products sold at the Hi Shop or used by our staff
_Ecological cleaning products used in the rooms, corridors and lift (non smoking)
_Gardening products with no chemical fertilizers
_Actions and communication with our clients for energy savings purposes (linen, water etc.)

The DesignerEco team love the bright color schemes employed throughout the hotel from fuschia, to lime to orange.  We also like the way this hotel demonstrates that through responsible actions, set up, cleaning, customer service and so on, you can create an eco -friendly hotel. This might not be built to sustainable requirements but their actions and attitude to environmental impact is commendable. Balancing design with footprint.

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