Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So after learning about how toxic much of the fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are I keep an eye out for organic restaurants. I'm particularly drawn to ones which pursue an environmental objective through their design also!  My husband and I cycled to 'bohemian' Ocean Beach, San Diego on Sunday and stopped for lunch at the charming Raglan 'public house' just like back in England.

They served water in these old pitchers and had sweet succulent displays on all the rustic benches.  The entire facade was made out of recycled old boatwood - giving splashes of colour and interest to the urban venue. Inside the toilets the decorators paid homage to the Kiwi ownership roots with wallpaper photos of the All Blacks rugby team on the ceiling and New Zealand newspapers pasted to the wall with chalk board underneath for guest comments. Very creative!

 Hats off to the organic and delicious menu. The food was yummy - good 'pub' fare and the ladies serving were delightful.
f you are interested in sourcing eco friendly materials such as the boatwood or the reclaimed tables and benches contact DesignerEco for referral or visit

Restaurant details - 1851 Bacon St San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 794-2304
I can't find a website yet but it is owned I believe by the same people as the Bare Naked Grill in Pacific Beach. 

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