Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The great thing about DIY lampshades is that you can pick any fabric or wallpaper or wrapping paper or photos and totally customize.

Here I picked some old vintage children's dress fabric and that I knew would work well in a mixed blue palette bedroom.

So to start, get all your equipment ready!

Cut out the special reflective lampshade paper to the circumference of the shade plus 1/2 inch.

Iron your fabric.

Peel back the protective paper and stick the lampshade paper to the fabric - be careful not to have any bubbles.

Place the tape on the shade and the fabric.

Cut the fabric to the tape.

Peel off the tape backing, add the rings and roll the shade.

Peel off the remainder of the tape backing and fold around the rings.

 Voila! Custom lampshade using remnant piece of fabric.

For other eco lighting options visit www.designereco.com.  Eco recycled fabric/paper lampshades will be for sale on the site soon.

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