Friday, 16 March 2012


Green Sourcing

We were thrilled to stumble across this Thoroughly Green article by Fabrice Knoll, co-founder, DFKnoll, Paris, explaining his take on what it means to be truly sustainable. His views coincide with ours on balancing the entire story behind the product: the lifespan, the end waste, the maintenance, the logistics as well as the material

Ever since he started working as an architect he has approached “green” sourcing the same way he would for a conventional project.

"After you’ve selected a product that meets your specifications, give it a background check. Ask the pre-selected suppliers where the product is made and assembled, where the primary materials to manufacture it are coming from, how everything is transported, what is done with the waste, etc."

He also notes the importance of having the correct contractors fit sustainable products with the right glues and finishing. We quite agree.

"In the end, sustainability is a holistic process. Green is not just a matter of the final product or material being green, but it is a continuous state-of-mind in the whole process of transporting, manufacturing, treating employees, and at the end of the chain, respecting the client. It all goes together. And, as you respect your product, your employees, and your clients, you have then the satisfaction of being able to respect yourself."

This 'respect' follows right through to the workers who manufacture the product which is why ethical sourcing is so important.

Hear Hear.

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