Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Choosing cleaning products...

When purchasing cleaning products, we apply the same criteria as we do furniture.  We check to see that the overall process is responsible to the earth and that the product lives up to its claims.   As you know, problems with conventional cleaners are that they consist of chemicals that can act as endocrine disruptors, cause damage to aquatic life and contain by-products that don’t biodegrade soon enough to name a few.  While they quickly degrease, shine and dust they slowly damage our bodies and the earth.

So…here are our picks. 

Method- This company is the most design friendly.  Products are designed by Joshua Handy so you don’t need to hide them in a cupboard.  Dr. Michael Braungart, renowned environmental chemist and co-author of Cradle to Cradle, guides product development process.  This company believes, as we do, that business is a powerful agent of change and that you can have good design while being a responsible citizen- environmentally and socially.  We personally love that they offer antibacterial options that are partnered with CleanWell- for those who insist on the antibacterial cleaners. We think they can do without the disposable cleaning cloths but try their Dryer Cloths which are meant to be used twice. 

Seventh Generation- We really appreciate the transparency of this company.  They acknowledge where they need to make improvements and set goals to achieve them.  Favorite products are the Lemongrass and Clementine Dish Soap and Natural 4x Laundry Detergent.  

Ecover- Their factories are in Belgium and France but we are hoping that demand in North America will lead them to build a plant here soon.   Their buildings are covered in succulents and are constructed with renewable materials.  The most easily accessible products here in the states are the dishwashing detergents.  Don’t be fooled by the lack of bubbles.  It gets the job done!

Ecos- This family owned company is another one that does a good job at disclosing its processes and aims to be a responsible company, not just turn out environmentally responsible products.  The Lemongrass Laundry Detergent is perfect for the unisex household. 

Bio-Kleen- Another family owned company,  BioKleen differs from the others in that it does not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfates but does not disclose its sourcing and manufacturing processes.  From experience we can tell you that the laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid work great, but we hope for more transparency in the future. 

Don’t want to have a giant plastic bottle of dish soap sitting on your counter?  Choose your favorite product from above and transfer it into one of these here, or here You can even bring it to your local co-op to be weighed and then refilled with your soap of choice.   

Happy chores! ~anneliese

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