Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eco Friendly Pendant Lamp

The Hudson Double Pendant Lamp from www.inhabitliving.com is a fun, decorative item handmade in the USA.

What’s exciting about this lamp is that although it looks absolutely fabulous in this pattern, it actually comes in 31 more prints! There is even a pattern of a moose, which could certainly be featured in a mountain cabin or a even modern city loft. The prints come in all colors and styles. Such include a retro black and white print and a giraffe infused pattern, putting you right in the African jungle or maybe just the local zoo.

What’s more wonderful though is that the 24” x 14” recyclable lamp was made with environmentally friendly inks and is crafted from 100% certified PET polyester. With this, the lamp is actually a byproduct of pop bottles that have been recycled and turned into the stunning and vibrant pendant lamp featured here.

This lamp would look fantastic hanging above a wood desk hovered over a zebra floor rug.  The black wave of stripes on the lamp would tie in beautifully with the rug while adding glamorous charm to the rustic desk.

Another design idea could entail brightening up a bedroom with the pendant lamp illuminated above Designereco’s Caribou Bed Frame. The walnut wood frame would fashion nicely with the modern style lamp

With these ideas voiced, have fun and let the wheels spin. This pendant lamp certainly unleashes an endless realm of creativity.


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