Thursday, 26 July 2012

Easy Composting

I have been wanting to compost for a while now.  I add dried and crushed egg shells and coffee grounds to my plants but that is as far as I have gotten.  Now that I have a community garden plot I can get serious about it.  Here is a guide to how to start your own worm composting bin.  I like the idea of re-purposing an old dresser or nightstand that would otherwise go into the landfill.  If you don't have an old piece of furniture, you may consider purchasing a pre-made worm tray such as this one.  It even features a spigot to extract the compost tea which is a great feature.

There are plenty of sources for making your own versions as well.  Click around to find something that fits your needs.
Option 1,
Option 2,
Worm Compost Bin

 and 3.  
worm bins-DIY Compost Worm Bin

Happy Worming :)

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