Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Reclaimed wood tiles- a family legacy continues

                                                      Everitt & Schilling Tile

Everitt and Schilling Tile company was started by fourth generation sons of immigrants who have put their own spin on their family's trade of woodworking.  Everitt and Schilling create beautiful tile out of scrap wood from cabinets and old barns.  Their great grandfathers may very well have built the barn or cut down the original tree that is now being re-purposed as tile.

The tile is coated with a low VOC water based ceramic finish and their use is determined by your creativity.  Backsplash, artwork, bathroom ceiling?  Add warmth to an industrial loft apartment, or a bit of masculinity to  a master bath.

For those of you living in an apartment, this is a creative way to personalize your space and bring life to beige and white walls.

Click here to be directed to their website and here to see this company featured on the DesignerEco boutique.

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