Thursday, 19 July 2012

War Zone Jewelry

Bringing you the latest in eco-friendly jewelry design….

Raven + Lily makes stunning war zone jewelry from recycled artillery shells. Co-founders Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Hirokawa have taken to heart a community of women suffering from HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and empowered them to create eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry. Raven + Lily provides employment for this beautiful group of women and with the profits are able to supply the medical and educational needs for their families.  

In the jewelry making process, local farmers use a cultural technique passed down from many generations that melts artillery shells found on old war sites into beautiful beads. After this stage, the beads are sent to the women where they are transformed into exquisite jewelry.

Raven + Lily provides these once-broken women with purpose and hope. On their website are pictures of the beautiful women who make the jewelry and other goods. Raven + Lily is committed to making products that are sustainable and recycled, which is why we are excited about them. Not only are they making fabulous eco-friendly jewelry but we love their mission to empower women in poverty as well.

Well done Raven + Lily!

One of our favorite pieces is the Sadik: Leather and Charm Necklace (featured above). Check out the jewelry on their website

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