Monday, 22 October 2012

ECO DESIGN - Net Zero Offices in LA

The new Morphosis office in Culver City is the largest net-zero energy building in LA and is one of the greenest offices in the USA.

The fairly rectangular structure, located just a few feet from the new light rail Expo Line’s elevated tracks in Culver City (good for commuting), gets most of its energy from photovoltaics—a 2,800-square-foot array sitting on top of a shaded parking canopy outside.  What sets the building apart are it's innovative energy saving methods developed by nearby engineers Buro Happold.

There are four windcatchers on top of the two-story building’s angled roof, a technology adapted from ancient desert environments. Their high-tech iteration, produced by a company called Monodraught, has never before been employed in the United States. Essentially they are louvered steel boxes containing interior cross blades that allow air into the building, and, through the pressure built up on the far side of each blade, pull hot air up the other side. A digital sensor system (powered by photovoltaics) decides when to open the louvers and set the system in motion. It also keeps the louvers open at night, so cool air can flush out the space before the next work day.  LA gets so hot during the day that reducing the reliance on air conditioning is key.

The building’s east and south facades are solid and this limits the solar heat gain. In addition to this, a series of acrylic and galvanized steel shades cover the building’s sun-facing edges to create a pleasant outdoor gathering space for employees.

From a design perspective the offices look amazing - at DesignerEco we particularly love the entryway’s fabricated metallic screen. This is how it can and should be done! For more information and the full article click here.

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