Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Treasure Hunt

This Eco-Warrior has moved to Oahu, HI.  It's been challenging figuring out how to furnish the apartment without getting items shipped from the mainland.  Craigslist has been good to us and we found a salvage yard.  Re-Use Hawaii is a non-profit organization that diverts home renovation debris from landfills.  Being a small island it is even more important to give items a longer life before discarding.

The lobby is even created out of salvaged items.  Check out those stump end tables.  I'm searching for a tree removal company that might have some extra for my lanai.

Re-Use Hawaii employs a method called deconstruction as opposed to demolition to salvage up to 80% of a building's major components.  It's always a treat to walk through the warehouse searching for hidden treasures.  The staff is helpful and will even cut pieces to fit your needs.  Do some research in your neighborhood to see if you have a warehouse such as Re-Use.  Maybe you'll find some antique pieces or some exotic wood that you wouldn't have bought new but now needs a home...in your home.


Beautiful granite.  What could you make with this?

Even their display is done out of re purposed drawers.  

Light fixtures, nails, plumbing supplies etc. etc.

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