Thursday, 19 April 2012


The ITREE! Using a special technique to ensure optimum sound quality here is a super cool beautifully designed natural speaker system. The ITree is a high quality Iphone & Ipod docking station made out of a REAL hollowed out tree! 

It is compatible with any Apple IPhone, IPod, W Lan stream unit or CD player, and for those eco-friendly DJs can be fitted with a turntable!

Handmade in Southern Austria by carpenters each tree is made from either cherry, polar or spruce. The Designers KMKG believe that good design is about the people behind the project, the workers. The ITree was only made possible by the right people and in the right place.

At www.DesignerEco.comwe love the design, the natural locally sourced materials and the acknowledgement of the team behind the product. Now if only we can get the designers to work with some of our craftsmen in Southern California….  

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