Monday, 16 April 2012


We have written before about detoxifying life through eating healthily but I feel more needs to be said around the reasons organic food costs more.
  • Organic companies often have to buy more expensive packaging if they opt for recycled paper/plastic or ones that can decompose
  • Organic feed for livestock costs more
  • Organic crops quite often have a shorter shelf life 
  • Soil preparation, planting harvesting pest and weed control require more labor
  • Natural pesticides and other forms of pest management are more expensive
  • Crop rotation is used to not only fertilize the soil effectively but also to interrupt the disease, weed and insect cycles. Crop rotation is more expensive to operate
So really we should be supporting our Organic farmers who are toiling away in those fields using natural methods and products to keep our food chemical and toxin free.

Above all - you get better flavor. That is worth paying for!

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  1. An additional advantage to buying organic food products .. especialy dairy;
    notice the expiration dates. I used to have to throw out dated milk & creamer products before switching to organic. They not only taste better, they last a lot longer before going "sour". Completely worth the extra money one pays for better quality & taste.