Friday, 27 April 2012


Reporting on Hotels going green from the ASID.

More and more, the hospitality industry is finding that the cost of sustainability is a good investment.

Whilst LEED projects do cost more, and the owner has to buy into the concept, the return on investment from a savings (waste managment, energy etc) as well as from a marketing perspective should make the case. “A LEED hotel will generally cost 20 to 25 percent more,” says Connie Jackson, ASID, senior designer with Wilson Associates in Dallas.

In line with the principles behind DesignerEco the article recognises the responsibility of the designer to learn and understand all about the product, particularly if it is being produced overseas. There is a trend to source in America now which not only is  great for the economy but quality is improving also.  I hear all sorts of problems about delays, quality issues, finishes being different etc from hospitality designers when sourcing from China. 

It is the future and more and more hoteliers are embracing it. Read more.

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